The female dolphin “Nakura” – August 1994

We first heard about this dolphin on the air: On August 1994 the radio reported on a shark wandering around swimmers, off Dado Beach, Haifa. The shark turned out to be a common bottlenose dolphin that during the next 6 days was tracked north through reports of lifeguards, along the beaches of Haifa and Krayot (northern suburbs) – until we finally managed to approach it in Nahariyya, on a surfboard. Unfortunately, the dolphin beached, after 6 days, on the beach of the Naval School, Acko. Only then, we found out that it was an adult and very thin female.

On autopsy, high levels of mercury (Hg) were found in liver, kidney and fat tissues, probably attesting to her advanced age (as mercury levels accumulate throughout life). The pathological founding’s revealed lung edema along with several inflammatory spots in lungs. The stomach & bladder were empty, suggesting a long fast, and many parasites, found in different location, also suggested a compromised physiological state.  

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