pollution of the coastal shores with trash

Everything that people use and throw away can be found in the sea and on the beaches. Trash is thrown into the sea from sailing vessels, left by bathers, brought in from rivers, garbage tips and factories along the coast. Trash reaching the shores of Israel knows no borders, and sometimes comes from neighboring countries. Unlike the Pacific and Atlantic shores, where the main source of trash is ships disposing of their waste at sea, the source of half the trash on Israel's breaches is bathers and holidaymakers.

Apart from the aesthetic impact on the shoreline, this garbage also harms animals and fish, causing choking, swallowing, entanglement and drowning. Plastic bags clog up the stomachs of sea turtles and dolphins which mistake them for food. The bags get stuck in their stomachs and they cannot digest other food, and so they die of starvation. The plastic rings holding together six-packs of beer have been found around the necks of marine animals which have choked to death, and torn fishing nets can cause injury and even death.

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