Education and Nature Preservation

The sea and the many creatures that inhabit it have fascinated and intrigued mankind since the dawn of history. This curiosity leads us to search for a deeper knowledge and understanding of this unique and important environment.

"For in the end we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand only what we are taught" - B. Dioum

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Marine mammals as ambassadors of the marine environment

The marine mammals found in our region, the eastern Mediterranean Basin, are only a few of the species that are being injured by increasing pressure on the marine environment:

1.  Sewage disposal

2.  Atmospheric pollution and petroleum-based pollution

3.  Pollution of the coast by trash

4.  Fishing

5.  Development

IMMRAC participates in a variety of activities aimed at educating people to preserve the marine environment in general, and provides information on marine mammals in particular:

1.      Green Days, presenting research studies carried out by IMMRAC and general information on marine mammals

2.      Producing information leaflets on the common marine mammals in our region

3.      Lectures accompanied by video clips and slides

4.      Full-day seminars in schools, with lectures and illustrative activities on different topics relating to marine mammals and the marine environment

For further information on lectures and other types of activity relating to marine mammals, please contact Mia Elasar: