Risso's dolphin at Herzliyya 30/03/2005

At around 18:00, we received a report of a live dolphin stranding at the "cliff" beach in Herzliyya. Beach strollers reported to the Maritime Police Headquarters who relayed it to IMMRAC. The rescue team, including Alon Levi, one of IMMRAC's chief veterinarians soon arrived on the scene and found a wounded female Risso's dolphin calf.


It was sedated and transferred to Michmoret and placed on a stretcher in a small pool at the National Center for Sea-turtle Rehabilitation, where volunteers tended to her in shifts, monitoring vital signs.


It was diagnosed as being week and fatigued and suffering from external tooth marks made by another dolphin species, probably common bottlenose dolphin. She was administered antibiotics and since blood tests did not reveal significant dehydration, was just followed up during the night and the following morning. Although breathing remained regular, she succumbed at noon.

On autopsy, many small squid beaks were found in the stomach, indicating that she started to forage on her own. Yet at this age she still needs to be nursed and it may be that separation from her mother was the cause of her demise.

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