Arik - was first identified on 2003 as a part of a small pod of dolphins, together with the female dolphin Twiggy and her calf. Since then, it has been seen again, and always with Twiggy. Do we have a dolphin love story here...?  

Bobo - A dolphin with a very unique dorsal fin, which lets us know that it has been around the block quite a few times. Identified for the first time on October 23rd, 2001, near Michmoret.

Boogi - A relative newcomer among the identified dolphins in our research, first seen around Michmoret on October 31st, 2003. Since then it has been observed a few more times, and we hope to see a lot more of him.

Dani - One of the more frequently-seen dolphins around the Israeli shores, first identified on July 10th, 2002 and seen again a number of times since then. This dolphin, embarrassingly proving to be a female, proudly bears the name of IMMRAC president Dani Kerem

Drora - Previously called Spikie, is the proud mother of a calf and has only been seen around the northern beaches of Israel. She got her previous name from the little spike-shaped notch on her dorsal fin, and her current name is after fisherman Dror Barak, who spots her by Rosh HaNikra for years.

Lia - Is the first Hebrew Grampus. Anyone who is not a fan of bottlenose dolphins, is urged to adopt Lia. It is the first Risso's dolphin that is listed for adoption. Lia was first spotted on June 24th, 2005, during an acoustic sperm whale survey, that took place on board Chaim Amit's yacht - Princess Lia. Lia was photo-IDed along with 4 other Risso's dolphins in a group of twenty. Grampus Lia was named by Chaim's daughter, Lia Amit. We hope to meet it and its pod's mates many more times in the future and hopefully affirm her gender.

Mooni - Named for the crescent shaped dorsal fin. This dolphin can be easily identified at sea, without the need to compare his photo to previous ones. But Mooni couldn't care less - it loves to be photographed and even strikes a pose… Mooni was first seen on September 13th, 2004, around Michmoret, and at least 4 more times ever since.

Nippo - first spotted on November 9th, 2002, around Herzliyya and disappeared for almost three years. Fear not - it was spotted again on August 2005 around Tel-Aviv, and we hope to see it many more times. This lovely dolphin is named after its sole small slit at the middle of its dorsal fin.

Ofer - The newest addition to the recognized dolphins of Israel. This youngster was first spotted on September 2004 off the shores of Michmoret (halfway down the coast of Israel), jumping and playing with his mom and other dolphin friends.

Slittie - one of the most special female dolphins in the region. Note her unique dorsal fin - no other Israeli dolphin has such a form and she was named on account of these interesting slits. Slittie was first identified on April 10th, 2001, around Michmoret. If you are looking for a special dolphin that cannot be missed, Slittie is your choice.

Sukie - she is a Tel-Avivian dolphin and a proud mother. Sukie was first sighted off the Tel-Aviv shoreline on August 4th, 2005, as one of a pod of four dolphins. Sukie Junior (little Sukie), named of course after his mother and pictured with her in this photograph, was also part of the pod. Mother and calf showed off with impressive aerial leaps.

Twiggy - The most popular dolphin in Israel, she is a star of television and newspapers, but even more importantly, she is the proud mother of a young calf. First identified on August 2003, this dolphin is named after the famous model of the '70s.

Ziggie - was first spotted on June 2005 around Michmoret, and it demonstrated permanent presence off the Israeli shoreline ever since. She got her name after a zigzag-shaped slit on the top of her dorsal fin, which makes it very easy for us to identify when spotting her in the open sea.

Ziggie Jr. - young calf, full of energy, that was first spotted on June 2005 around Michmoret, close to Ziggie, its assumed mother.