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The website was updated by Sara-Lee Granit on 4/1/06


4.1.06 - Chrissy Levy is coming for a visit in Israel on mid-January.

Chrissy is working in a rehabilitation center - Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Florida. Chrissy will give a lecture on dolphins rescue and rehabilitation and practice together with our rescue team first-aid regulation.

Meeting dates will soon be published Don't miss

1.1.06 Hot updates from the sea

07:30 The Fisherman Adam Kotzer reported on 8-9 meters whale swimming  out side of the Kishon Port. Two hours later another fisherman, Mizrahi Matzliah, reported on 4 dolphins swimming and hunting between Haifa and the Kishon ports.

11:00 IMMRAC team, with the help of "Pamcko LTD" boat, went out looking for the whale, but it was not located until 16:30, although we enjoyed accompanying a juvenile dolphin that was hunting in the area..

18:30 A report from the Israeli Electricity Company in Ashkelon on an a dolphin with a 30 meters rope tide to its tail, swimming among the coal pier poles. The marine police arrived in a short time but did not find the dolphin.

Happy new year to you and your families, a year full of healthy and strong marine mammals, a year of happiness, joy and love!!!