Dr. Dan Kerem - Born in Jerusalem in 1941. He received the B.Sc. in Biology (1961) and the M.Sc. in Physiology (1963) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and his Ph.D. in Marine Biology (1971) from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD, La Jolla, California. His Masterís thesis, supervised by J. Magnes and S. Samueloff, was on blood acidity effects on the EEG of the catís isolated brain and his doctoral thesis supervised by Per F. Scholander and R. Elsner, on the tolerance of the sealís brain to hypoxia. Participated in scientific expeditions in Mexico, Chukchi Sea and the Antarctic. Former head of research and senior researcher at the Israeli Naval Medical Institute, he is a senior researcher at the Leon Recanati Institution for Maritime Studies and lectures at the Department of Maritime Civilizations, the University of Haifa.

Professional Interests: Comparative and human respiratory physiology, hyperbaric physiology, human versus natural mammalian divers, biology and conservation of marine mammals, physiological and pathological state identification and event prediction through biological signal analysis.

Phone: +972-4-8249449   Fax: +972-4-8240493 e-mail: dankerem@research.haifa.ac.il


Mia Elasar - volunteer and researcher in IMMRAC since 1994, and a board member today. M.A degree from University of Haifa, Department of Maritime Civilizations on "Marine pollution as a morbidity factor in dolphins". Coordinating and teaching 'marine science' studies in the Israel Nautical College for 4 years.


Sara-Lee Granit - I am 28 years old. I have been a volunteer at IMMRAC for 8 years and today I am part of the critic committee of the organization. I have worked as a computer programmer for Ha-Poalim Bank since I was released from the army, where I studied the profession. I am studying for my B.S.C. in Maritime Science at the Maritime Collage in Mihmoret. I am majoring especially in Maritime mammals, as result of some team work done at IMMRAC as well as training trips abroad.